— Preface from the skipper —

Guided by ChildVision’s expertise and support, thousands of children with sight loss and other profound disabilities learn to bravely overcome their obstacles and reach their full potential. I’ve had the undeniable privilege of  spending time with babies, children, teenagers and young adults, who are defined not by what they lack, but by what they excel in. Their bravery, fortitude, generosity of spirit and sense of self are humbling.  

The bottom line is ChildVision doesn’t get the state resources it needs to make ends meet; to provide for kids, who through no fault of their own, deserve better. My moral obligation is to help them bridge that gap, and I need your help. Together, we can make the world a less scary place for children who can’t see, those with additional mobility or even complex and serious medical conditions. Please donate what you can, and help me get ChildVision and the One Wild Ride safely across the funding finish line. 



Formerly known as St. Joseph’s Centre for the Visually Impaired, ChildVision have been providing support to families across Ireland since their education service began in the 1950’s. ChildVision is the only place in Ireland totally dedicated to the education and therapy needs of blind and multi-disabled children.

  • Services include a Preschool, Therapies & Nursing, Vocational Education, National Assessment Service, Low Vision Clinic, Eye Clinic, Library, Equine Therapy and Pet Farm, Swimming Pool, St. Joseph’s School for Children with a Visual Impairment and Pobalscoil Rosmini — primary and secondary level schools. They also have five residential houses in the community.
  • Additional outreach services are provided via their Family Resource Centre and the ChildVision Mobile Resource Unit, which travels the country bringing their services to schools, hospitals and health centres.

If you’d like to learn more please visit ChildVision.


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