The Distance

Ireland’s fractal coastline makes it a rather difficult proposition to measure – the Ordnance Survey of Ireland, for example, measures the coastline at a rather daunting 3,171km. For simplicity, if you draw a line around the country, the approximate distance would be 1500 kilometres. This is the expected distance to be sailed.

How long will it take?Untitled-1

Being a solo passage, in such a small dinghy, means the actual length of time needed to complete the challenge is difficult to predict. With consideration for average speed (approx. 6 knots / 11 kilometres an hour), weather conditions and fatigue, the projected timeframe for completion is expected to be between 25 and 40 days (about 250 to 350 hours sailing).That’s of course assuming the Irish weather plays its part and doesn’t batter the boat and I all the way to the finish. To make sure neither of us take too much of a daily pounding either, the plan is to schedule regular passages between 40-80 kilometres a day, depending on weather conditions and all necessary safety considerations.



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