The Boat

The International Laser Class sailboat, also called Laser Standard and the Laser One, is one of the most popular single-handed dinghies in the world. And for good reason:

  • Robust – the boat’s hull is made out of GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic). That’s no reason to crash it into anything but comfort enough knowing it will take a knock or two!
  • Simple to rig – the two-part free-standing mast and sleeved sail make the boat easy to set up. That makes it easy to repair if (and when) we break stuff on this trip.
  • Multiple rig options – three different sail sizes makes it versatile. Especially important when it’s windy – a smaller sail size means you catch less wind and exert less effort to keep the boat upright.
  • Comparatively fast – just 13 ft 10.5 inches long, the boat is little more than twice the size of an average household bath. However, it’s a lot more streamlined, and light too, weighing just 56.7 kg (130 lb.).

That all adds up to ‘One Wild Ride’ – a physically demanding workout every time you sail.

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