The Team


“Growing up in a family where even the dog had a lifejacket meant I was never going to be a golfer! “

Gary (Ted) Sargent, Skipper

His mother still nags that she gave him a perfectly good name, but Gary, known affectionately as Ted, is on first impression an enthusiastic, positive and energetic soul. A lifelong sailor, he has the focus, determination and skills required to complete this 1500km marathon. This won’t be his first time round Ireland either – he completed a circumnavigation on board a 47-foot yacht in 2002. One Wild Ride will be an altogether different experience in a 13-foot single-handed dinghy, but Gary can draw on his many years as a sailing aficionado and instructor.

A communications professional by trade, Gary also brings his project management skills and expertise in video, photography and writing to the One Wild Ride project.


“I don’t want to go to heaven, none of my friends are there“

Michael Moloney, Logistics

When you have a convoluted idea to sail such a small boat around Ireland, it’s important to bounce it off the right people. A proud Munster man, Michael (or Mick as he’s known by most) plied his trade in the aviation industry for many years, but ironically perhaps, it’s his grounding in logistics and end-to-end planning that makes him a key member of the One Wild Ride team. It’s no coincidence that the first brainstorming sessions we’re held in his house and that he continues to be a constant source of constructive feedback and insight. P.S. – If you need to find a slipway off the West Coast, Mick’s your man.


“Meeting the individual needs of each child is what we do“

Ruth Hickey, ChildVision Fundraising & Communications

The entire ChildVision team exude an almost contagious ‘can do’ attitude and I assure you it’s catchy – it envelops us, each and every time we meet them! The enthusiasm they’ve shown for the One Wild Ride project, and the work they’ve done with us to date, is testament to the unwavering commitment they show to each and very child they support. Ruth Hickey, ChildVision’s fundraising and communications lead, like the master puppeteer she is, continues to pull strings in the background to get us ever closer to the starting line and fundraising success. A powerhouse of energy and ideas, you know Ruth cares about the difference her work can make. With any luck we’ll convince her to join us on the road for a week or so – she and the amazing kids she supports, will help keep our fires lit all the way to the finish!


“You can’t start the next chapter of your life, if you keep re-reading the last one“

Karen Rudd, Engagement Lead

With so many moving parts to the One Wild Ride project we needed someone to keep us all honest. No better woman in Karen Rudd. Always full of ideas, “Ruddser” has been a driving force in helping us build out the heavier detail in the overall project plan, identifying potential sponsors, partners or supporters to engage. When depart date comes she’ll most definitely be in the mix, making sure everything is going as it should be. Assuming all goes according to plan and we make it back to Schull, expect her to be right at the centre of the post party fundraiser!


“No excuses“

Chris Graham, Fitness & Personal Trainer

No amount of gym time can prepare you for buckets of cold sea water coming over the deck, but with One Wild Ride being such a physical challenge it was critical to start the fitness planning months in advance. Step in Chris Graham, a fitness advisor and personal trainer who always manages to get you to do that extra set, that extra repetition – even if it hurts a little! A two-day Resistance and HIIT training plan got the show on the road, and with personal training days upped to 3 days a week, significant progression in core, cardio and strength were made. Never underestimate it – that extra repetition, that extra set could make all the difference (unfortunately it will still hurt!).


“To the Brave and Faithful, Nothing is Impossible“

Elaine Ball, Risk & Safety

From it’s very conception the One Wild Ride idea has pivoted on the mantra of safe passage. They say strange things happen at sea, so it’s Elaine’s job (in collaboration with other agencies) to help us get emergency prepared. Elaine, better known as “Ballie” comes from a background in security and safety and has solid experience in crisis management. It’s her role to identify potential emergency scenarios before we set off on the challenge and then help us get the right people and processes in place to mitigate against them once we’re on route. Expect her to make a list and check it twice!


“Just relax“

Karen Roberts, Physiotherapy

Akin to the personal training, regular physiotherapy can make a huge difference – when you’re committed to taking on such a unique sailing challenge, the body needs to be functioning as optimally as possible. Karen Roberts, known affectionately as ‘evil elbows’, is a chartered physiotherapist with healing hands. No soft touch here, but the results speak for themselves with regular sessions easing out those nasty knots and increasing longer term injury prevention. You can only imagine all the whinging she’s had to put up with, but she’s told ya once, she’s told you a thousand times Gary, no pain no gain.


“Take care of the body and it will take care of you.“

Gordon Stirling, Diet and Nutrition

The wind will provide the fuel for the boat, but our intrepid skipper will also need plenty of go go juice to maintain the energy levels required to complete this mammoth challenge. After a long day on the water, tired mind and muscles will need the right nutrition to recover quickly, and fodder to prepare themselves to do battle the elements all over again the following day. Enter Gordon Stirling, a Strength & Conditioning Coach and an Exercise Science MSc graduate. A respected sailor himself, Gordon is building the plans to ensure Gary gets enough food and fluid in at the right times. Science may dictate the diet, but eating regularly on a small dinghy, in an Atlantic swell will be quite the challenge in itself.



“I can, but I won’t.“

Conor Macken & Dominic Sherlock, Web Gurus

Websites are a funny business. In your head, you know what you want to achieve, but it doesn’t always quite come off, or look, as you expected. That is unless you hire the A-Team. Thankfully not wanted by the government for a crime they didn’t commit, both “Macken” and “Dom” have helped us negotiate the mad world of POP3 servers, ports, domain names and more besides. I still have no idea what they do, or how they do it, but it looks great! When depart day comes expect these two to be tinkering away at the website. All going according to plan they’ll help you stay right up-to-date on our progress. And the best part? You won’t even need a lifejacket!

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